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In Caddis Wood by Mary François Rockcastle

In Caddis Wood by Mary François Rockcastle
Published by Graywolf Press, 2011
Forgiveness and letter pancakes.  Without forgiveness families shatter.  With forgiveness and well-worn traditions like letter pancakes for breakfast  – they can survive the most excruciating betrayals and tragedies. In Caddis Wood is the intimate story of a 35-year marriage and the delicate state of human nature juxtaposed with the natural landscape that cradles the home of Hallie and Carl Fens.

Mary Rockcastle took more than 10 years to string together the life of a marriage rocked by disappointment and buttressed by love (author appearance, 12/13/2011, The Bookcase, Wayzata, MN).  The story is written in third person allowing the distinct perspectives of Hallie and Carl to resonate through the narrator.  Their life flows from present truths that are both bridged and shored up by a history that has eroded the family on some fronts and at the same time has reinforced the most critical parts of its foundations.  The story is perfectly paced and, like a deeply rooted marriage, difficult to see end under any circumstance.
In Caddis Wood is a beautifully crafted novel.  Taking the time to experience it ~ is time well spent.

Reviewed by Krystal Brown, St. Bride’s Literary Group

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