Hannelore Takes Note by Margit Amundsen

Hannelore Takes Note
by Margit Amundsen
Hannelore Riker is your average graduate student in whose life nothing good or exceptional ever seems to happen, thus making her existence quite normal, even plain. She’s tired of dealing with eccentric professors, unappreciative undergraduates and, even worse, a failing love life. So what can she do in such a situation? Well, humor and a lot of optimism might just help Hannelore learn how beautiful life actually is and that it’s really worth making the best of it. Margit Amundsen’s novel is a refreshing story about self-discovery, which makes it appeal to anyone, from teenagers to adults. If you like stories with an academic setting and very witty dialogue, then “Hannelore Takes Notes” is the best choice you can make. While struggling with her dissertation and the everyday drama, she learns so many things about the world and the people around her, eventually figuring out who she can really trust. But that’s not all: Hannelore also learns about herself and at the end of the novel the reader can really say she is a very round, well-developed character. Actually, I loved the fact that I often recognized myself in Hannelore and this makes the story even more realistic.Margit Amundsen’s outstanding writing style pulls you into the story and truly makes you relate to her characters. “Hannelore Takes Notes” is a relaxing, entertaining read that will certainly make you feel better and remind you anything can be solved with a bit of humor and a lot of optimism. So, if you feel like enjoying a light, refreshing novel, you can purchase this book at Amazon.com or Smashwords.com.
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Dec 02, 12
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