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Taste of Fire

Desert Coyote Productions is pleased to announce this giveaway of five (5) signed copies of Jeannie Faulkner Barber’s latest novel, Taste of Fire.

Back cover copy:

Incessantly teased by childhood peers over an uncharacteristic scar from a fiery car crash, spirited Terri Neal finds comfort in her father’s explanation: “The flames licked your arm, but when it tasted you, it knew you were special, and the fire was afraid.” Her father’s shadowy death in a mysterious building fire prompts Terri to develop into a dedicated, top-notch firefighter.

In a deadly house fire, she sees her father’s image through the flickering inferno. He instructs the iron-willed young woman to seek out her biological parents. However, this task will be far from mundane as it propels Terri down a path of intrigue, romance, and peril. In the innocent shadows of daylight, a lethal stalker and kidnapper lurks.

Death approaches …

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